Friday, April 3, 2009

Those Crafty Nigerians

I just received this email. I know it's a scam. You know it's a scam. The Nigerian knows that I know it's a scam. I'm just trying to figure out what the angle is, and how this could be turned into a scam.

My name is vincent, am a football Scouting in africa i work towards the promotion and development football in africa.....
so i am interested in working with u as a scout agent, in other to bring good players from Africa. to u ,

i am ready to take care of the players air tickets,

or if you can arrange a friendly maches or training camp for the players. So that you can see them one or one playing, Because most of our Nigeria video clip is not clear. that is the reason why i said you should arrange a training tour or friendly maches with some clubs

i will be very glad if you can get back to me as soon as possible, i will be very grateful if my proposal is favourable accepted. Thanks.MY CONTACT DETAILS:
Football Scouting
Name: Vincent Sunday
Street: 47 Oko Oba Road,
City: Agege
State: Lagos
Zip Code: 23401
Country: Nigeria
Phone Number: +2348028850037

Maybe if I replied to him, he would then hit me up for money to buy their uniforms (obviously not airfare, since he's apparently got that covered). Maybe he'll ask me to send him $10,000 for soccer balls.

Or, it's someone who knows I've done PR work for my soccer club and passed my name along to the one poor Nigerian that's actually honest, and the poor bastard is simply trying to get some friendlies set up for his traveling band of aspiring Nigerian footy stars.

I'm guessing he needs $10K for soccer balls.


  1. Send him a reply asking him if he’s got the balls.

  2. It's weird that he capitalized Scouting, but not Vincent.

  3. There are some websites where they show you how to scam the scammers....check out:

  4. I am guessing that he heard you knew a thing or two about balls and decided to contact you.

  5. There are a number of email scams floating around right now from Nigerian sources. I'd say you guessed right about the $10k.

  6. your response should be - "this is a fantastic opportunity, as we are going to be playing in Cameroon in june. We could jump across the border and play your team on your home ground. We'll bring our own equipment and everything."

  7. Interesting they're tailoring them to specific intendeds these days rather than the generic 'my husband was president and he was killed and he had money stashed away etc'.

    What I love about sites like the inevitable shoe-on-head/funny sign photos. Sure the photos are probably of some poor muppet coerced into appearing on camera by the scammers, but it's still funny when someone has their photo taken with a big sign saying 'I FELCH WOMBATS FOR CHARLIE MANSON'.

  8. At what stage of the email correspondence will they ask you for your bank account details, must be either the second or the third one if you respond.

  9. Can you fwd him your M-I-L's account details!

    Did LOL at nicboy

  10. I wouldn't do that to my MIL, she brings me beer when visiting from Wisconsin.

    I do however have Nicsboy2's email address, I can send Vincent his info. I'm sure he'd love to talk about balls with Ian.

  11. Is that Wisconsin beer from the brewery where Laverne and Shirley worked?

  12. No, thank God. I would never have someone bring an assembly-line beer to me from out of state (again).

  13. Saw my first MILF in boots today - Autumn has arrived!!!

  14. God Bless Australia, and her flip-floppy seasons!!!!

    Please give us updates throughout Autumn and Winter, my Aussie friend. Photos would be even better.

  15. that's interesting how they're thowing american sports into their scams now..

    maybe they should send a scam email about starting up a nigerian porn company..

  16. here's how it works -
    if you say sure no prob
    he'll then ask for your address to mail you a cheque to cover expenses. The cheque will prob be twice the amount needed. He'll ask you to deposit his cheque and give the difference to his representative. Of course, the cheque he sent wont clear.....
    A friend who was selling computers and another looking for a roommate were sent these cheques

  17. You know, I've heard of those scams too, but it didn't occur to me that's how they would pull this one off. That makes perfect sense. I saw a news story here in Atlanta about something similar, and the victim didn't bother making sure the check cleared first.