Friday, March 26, 2010

What's In Your Desk Drawer?

Here are the contents of my “junk” drawer in my desk at work.

Each Friday morning, on the way to work, I hit the Chick-Fil-A for a chicken biscuit, hash browns, coffee and an orange juice. I usually use 2 creamers in my coffee, plus 2-3 sugars, and of course I grab the obligatory stir stick.

Usually, my ritual includes walking up to the counter (walking in is quicker than taking the morning drive-through, which wraps around the building), place my order, and walk over to the condiments rack where I proceed to take 4-6 creamers, 4-6 sugar packets, and 2-4 stir sticks. The end result: I usually have a week’s worth of creamer and sugar in my office, in the event I run out of creamer that I buy and keep for my morning coffee (which is better than the free stuff provided by the office).

It’s not quite the mess that was Allison’s purse in “The Breakfast Club,” but it’s a hell of a lot more functional. It won’t get me through a zombie apocalypse, but it will get me through a week in the office.

One more thing….the metallic-looking object on the right is actually a photograph. I invite all to guess what that might be a photo of.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Actual Conversation (Subject: Olympics)

The following conversation took place during the Winter Olympic closing ceremonies between myself and my 5 year old daughter, Thing 2.

Thing 2: Dad, what was your favorite sport in the Olympics?
Me: Well, I really liked the Hockey, Skeleton, and Snowboardcross. What was your favorite sport?
Thing 2: Curling.
me: Curling?
Thing 2: Curling.
Me: Really?
Thing 2: Really.

(Note, this conversation took place after she saw the pants worn by the Norwegian men's team during the gold medal match between Canada and Norway. That might have tipped the scales).