Friday, April 24, 2009

Commuter of the Day 4/24/2009: Game On!

Today's license plate was on a Chrysler 300 with about a couple thousand dollars worth of upgrades (custom alloy wheels, fancy trim, and probably an air freshener that removes the scent of douche from inside the car). The plate said:


What's funny about this is, the driver is obviously hard-core into sports, and loves to use such phrases as "Game on!" to indicate the start of play. He probably also uses cliches such as "Get your head in the game," and "like shooting fish in a barrel" when yelling at Little Leaguers (I used to umpire Little League baseball as a teenager, and there was a coach who constantly yelled "like shooting fish in a barrel" to the kids.....7 and 8 year old kids, who were probably wondering if their coach was a touch insane).

So anyway, the driver goes to get his plate, undoubtedly "GAMEON," and is told by the lovely people at DMV, "Sorry, someone already has GAMEON. So, rather than coming up with something more original and less High School Musical, he simply said, "well, fine, add a 1 to the end." Thus not only destroying any originality, but further making himself a total sheep, and someone else's vanity plate sloppy seconds.


  1. I personally can't hear/read "GAMEON" without thinking of Wayne and Garth playing hockey in the street.

    If that's why he has it, he is ok in my book! Given the car wasn't even close to a Gremlin, though, I'm guessing it had nothing to do with that.

  2. If it was a teenager driving a teenager type car, they could be forgiven.

    I have a feeling this was more like the kind of little league coach that actually wears the full uniform when coaching the kids.

  3. Driving a Chrysler 300, it is also possible that he really wanted "Gay Me On 1" but was told it was too many characters.

  4. These people deserve our pity, Steve, not mockery. Their lives are hollow enough as it is.

    Incidentally, what it reminded me of was the classic (and since much-used) line from the 1986 film Aliens, where Hudson (Bill Paxton), realising that they’re all going to die, instead of screaming “We’re all going to die!”, sobs “Game over man, game over.”

  5. He could've also gone with GAYONE, or if it got flagged by the censors, GAIONE or GHEYONE.

  6. Simon, I saw Aliens not long after Weird Science, and thus hated Bill Paxton, and was happy to see him die. Back then, he was often cast as "Asshole #1."

  7. Bill Paxton was an especially pathetic asshole in True Lies.

    Steve, Indiana just changed their standard issue license plates to 3 numbers followed by 3 letters. Is it sad that I was excited to get one with the letters MIB? (You know...Men in Black. Or it could stand for Man in Black, in honor of Johnny Cash. But that might be stretching it.)