Thursday, June 4, 2009

Commuter of the Day 6/4/2009: Lost Lawyer

This was the vanity plate that stood out today. You can't make it out too well, but the plate says:


I'm assuming that means "Criminal Defense."

I'm also assuming he's lost because he waved to the car next to him, made the "roll down your window motion," and then proceeded to gesture all over the place, indicating he needed help finding some place.


  1. Not quite a 'Lincoln Lawyer'... not sure if a 'Busted Arse 70s Diesel Benz Lawyer' is worth Michael Connolly cranking out another crim-lit book for.

  2. What a tool!

    An old 1977 300D was my first car (older than the one shown). It had the W123 chasis and a body roll like a fat chick on skates. Strangely, the engine was a V5. I paid $2000 for it - when I came to sell it, the original hub-caps were worth more than the car!

  3. The infamous Stella - our thirty-something blonde exhibitionist neighbour from the original Chateau Dodgy (she lived in the rather flash separate unit out the back and liked getting changed with the French doors open) - had a green W123 series Merc. It went on to disprove all the theories about Merc reliability by detonating profusely and very expensively. Craigos and I didn't even get the chance to stand around and tut-tut knowingly and impressively about mechanical schiesse before the flatbed took it away. Zero machismo points were accrued. FAIL.

  4. Any chance Australia is just as lethal to German machinery as it is to humans? Could that be why? After all, they make such great fucking taxis in Europe.

  5. No matter how well engineered, I reckon anything the wrong end of 30 yrs old is going to end up pretty saggy in the arse. I know I am.

    We had a '77 VW Golf which lasted 21 years, an estimated 900,000 km (call it 600K miles) - the speedo got replaced at the second engine reconditioning (or was it the third?) and ended its days on a colostomy bag - the thing was blowing oil out an oil galley breather valve so the old man put a plastic bag on it to collect and return the expelled lubricant. When it finally went for the last time it was like a death in the family. Fair enough - they got it the month before they got me.

  6. My parents had a 1986 Chevy Celebrity station wagon. That same year they got it, it went from New Jersey to Arizona, down to Mexico, back up through Texas and into Arkansas, and back to NJ, a trip that took a month. The following summers saw it go from NJ to Arkansas, and NJ to Florida, and in 1989, another 3 week trip up into the Maritime Provinces of Canada, west to Toronto, and back to NJ. That car had hundreds of thousands of miles on it. In the mid-90's, my mom was driving it when she was t-boned by a school bus. Our first question: Is the car totaled? Oh, and how's mom? (she lived; if a school bus couldn't kill her, I don't have high hopes for getting a huge inheritance).