Thursday, June 25, 2009


I get my hair cut once every 3-4 weeks. Yesterday was the day for me. My barber is a woman, in a barber shop of all women. She is a good enough barber that I actually followed her from her previous shop to her current one, something usually only done with women and stylists.

Once a year, I barter with her for a haircut. She gives me a free haircut in return for me bringing back a gift from my annual trip to Wisconsin (which is in 2 weeks). That gift would be in the form of beer. So yesterday, we conducted the negotiation. Many beers in the US are regional or even local, so there are hundreds of excellent beers that will never see Atlanta unless carried here by a traveler.

Me: Do you want Moose Drool?
Her: No, it’s no different than Newcastle, which we can get here. What’s that one you got me last time?
Me: Bitter Woman IPA?
Her: (face lighting up): YES! THAT ONE! And any decent wheat beers you might see. You know what I like.
Me: Consider it done.

Very rarely will I react to a woman saying, “you know what I like,” without responding with something dirty. But, when exchanging beer for a free haircut, it’s all about business.


  1. You get your hair cut every three weeks? How fast does it grow? Is this some sort of result from visiting nuclear power stations too often?

    And yes, women saying 'Yes! That one! You know what I like' is something that is heard not nearly enough in most men's worlds.

  2. I actually worked in a nuke plant when I was 22, I was a temporary security officer during an outage (where they go from having about 50 employees to about 2000, all of whom must pass through security).

    And I just can't stand my hair too long, especially in the summer. I go about 4 weeks in the winter.

  3. Congrats on stifling your double entendres. I find myself forever blurting out "That's what she said!" thanks to Michael Scott. I even have the friggin' t-shirt.

  4. "But, when exchanging beer for a free haircut, it’s all about business" and keeping one's ears intact.

    I fully support you barber loyalty. A good barber is a neccessity of life!

  5. Naut....she will get the beer AFTER the haircut. Not before.

  6. She can't get Bitter Woman IPA there? Where do you guys live? Antarctica?

  7. We have plenty of bitter women in Atlanta, trust me. But, none of them are in beer form, brewed by Tyranena Brewing.