Friday, June 26, 2009

Commuter of the Day 6/26/2009: Dueling Vanity Plates

Cue the banjos.

So what's worse? The guy that is clearly nouveau riche who is so proud of his new BMW that he just HAS to tell the world, for an extra $50 in vehicle registration fees, that he owns one? A fact that we can clearly see from the BMW logo 12 inches about his vanity plate? And not only that, put his initials on it, so that he can show his friends that "This is MY Beemer, I'M KING OF TEH WURLD!!!!1111ELEVEN1111!!!!"

Or, the douchenozzle who is so panicked over the idea of parking next to 5 Honda Accords exactly like his, that he has to put his name on his vanity plate. The adult version of his mom sewing his name into his underwear right before he heads off to summer camp. Either that, or I was following former Journey, Divinyls and Bruce Springsteen bassist and current American Idol judge Randy Jackson.

One wants to tell the world that he's driving a BMW, because clearly that's not obvious. The other guy wants to tell the world his name. Both spent money to send this message. So, there are no real winners, except maybe the State of Georgia, whose vehicle registration system has that much more money in its coffers.


  1. The first one's not as bad as one I saw on a BMW sports car a few weeks it sucked me up it's tailpipe in passing. It read: 205MPH. Rub my fucking nose in it asshole.

    The second one's just silly.

  2. It's not Reggie Jackson is it? Mr October? (Or whatever he was called, I'm remembering it from BASEketball)

    As for people who spend money repeating on their personalised plates exactly what it says on the badge NEXT to their personalised plates - dude, if my eyesight was that fkn poor that I couldn't read the badge already, I wouldn't be on the road. Funnily enough you never see this sort of thing on a Kia.

  3. On a Kia though it would at least be funny. Like when teenagers have a $5000 stereo in a $500 car.

    And yes, Reggie Jackson is Mr. October (he always came through in October, the month of the playoffs). He was the one shining spot of the big pile of turds that were the Yankees.

  4. "Douchenozzle" hehehe Nice. I'll use that.

    Even if it was a new "Bugatti" that would be lame.

  5. Ahhh, personalised plates. Pre-packaged identity for those without identity of their own...

  6. Heidi, I won't rest until that word is one day used in a State of the Union address.

    Dirk, that is EXACTLY the problem with them. Maybe 1% are clever/funny. I always liked the guy in my neighborhood as a kid, who had an awesome black MG. The plate said BLKBOX. And even that wasn't all that great.

  7. Just proves the saying "a fool and his money are quickly seperated".

  8. If PT Barnum were alive today, he would be marketing vanity license plates.

  9. I've never had, nor will I ever pay for a vanity plate. I'd rather get attention because I'm hot, not because I'm a fucking tool.