Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Commuter of the Day 6/17/2009: 4 Times a Week

4 times a week? 4 times a week doing what? Certainly not gassing up, it's a friggin' Prius. 4 times a week doing Yoga? Working out? Doesn't the government think we should eat fruit 4 times a week? Or am I confusing that with something else?

So, for this truly brilliant COTD, we are left with nothing but more questions, which is the mark of a great vanity plate. It really makes us think. It could be ANYTHING! Masturbating 4 times a week, or even...wait...oh God don't suppose they mean having sex 4 times a week do you? Bastard. FOUR???



  1. Any of those would make more sense than my attempt: I got fixated on the idea that the 4X referred to Castlemaine XXXX (pronounced fourecks) and couldn’t make ‘4X a week’ into anything sensible.

  2. Sex? Surely not. Four times a week's not worth advertising, it's worth going to counselling over.

    I'd suggest bowel movements. But this being a Toyota Pius it'll be driven by someone who consumes a lot of organic fibre. And who needs to be smashed in the teeth with a length of copper pipe.

    It's possibly an expat Queenslander proclaiming that he still drinks a case of XXXX a week despite it being difficult to get hold of in the area.

    Either way, still deserves a kick in the chops.

  3. Have a blessed day four times a week, maybe?

  4. Number of times they wish they had brought a decent car?

  5. Naut, you win.

    Although I'll bet NatalieV could sweep in and take the prize by saying something none of us considered.

  6. I don't think anyone who drives a Prius is having sex 4x a week. Those are Porn-star stats.

    I'm gonna guess South Park's right and that's how many times they smell their own farts in a week.

    Btw, can you still see my blog? I had to make it invite only yesterday cuz a bunch of idiots I work with downloaded some virus's so I.T. was combing through all of our shit. I use alias's for all of my stories but the thoughts of the brass reading my blog still made me nauseated.

  7. No I can't. I was under the impression you black-listed me because of my endless banter about the Red Wings (this could have something to do with why I think having sex 4x a week is so unusual, now that I think about it...good thing I'm not a Trekkie).

  8. Puh-leeze- You can dis Detroit at any level and I would care not. 9 Years in Georgia have swayed my loyalty immensely.

    I'm back up btw. I.T. was after shoppers and Facebookers so I didn't get nabbed.

  9. Our IT department is mostly Eastern Europeans, so their senses of morality are slightly different. As long as it's not kiddie porn they're cool. Our IT manager spent all last summer watching games from the UEFA Cup (the European soccer championship tournament pitting national teams against one another) on his PC.