Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ironic Commuter of the Day 5/5/2009

I saw this guy on the way home yesterday:

What caught my eye was the SPIRIT7 license plate (there's a website of the same name, dedicated to providing spiritual fulfillment on the internets). But then I saw the two stickers on the trunk. They're hard to make out, but one of them says "26.2". The other one is "13.1". These are the distances of a marathon and a half marathon, respectively. Much like seeing an AT sticker on a car indicates the driver has hiked the Appalachian Trail (or at least bought the sticker), these indicate the driver is a serious distance runner.

So why the hell is he driving? Why not run/walk to work, and help save the environment?

Of course, as you can see from the long line of cars in this picture, this is not exactly the most ideally suited road for pedestrians. And, if I owned a Mercedes, I'd sure as hell would want to drive it too.


  1. The car looks to be listing to the left - he/she should stick with the 26!

  2. The only numbers I'd put on my car in sticker form would probably be obscene.

    Of course, maybe his are. Maybe he's a marathan porn star, making 26.2 films a day (could only get a semi on the last one).

  3. That reminds me of the first time I saw a Greenpeace car sticker, must have been back in the seventies, when I was still young and naive. I genuinely thought it was a joke – putting a sticker for an environmental support group on a car. I was soon to learn that they hadn’t seen the unconscious irony.

  4. Michael, the Holy Spirit was in the passenger seat, and unfortunately He doesn't weigh very much.

    Luna, .2 is hardly a semi. .2 is more like, "OK, I think I'm OK going to the blackboard to answer this math question without getting mocked."

    Simon, hippies are horrible at getting irony. That's why they're hippies, and not out working earning cash.

  5. It's only a C-class Merc. In Deutschland he'd be a taxi driver.

  6. Woah! Mercedes snob in our midst! No one look!

    Spirit7? That sounds like some Tarantino short film.

  7. No, Indie, he's was a huge shock to go to Germany and see all the taxis being tan Mercs, driven by Turks and Pakistanis. I remember needing a taxi once, and seeing a Benz pull up and thinking how cool it was to ride in one, and when I got in it was just as shitty as any New York cab.....minus those back massager beads in the driver's seat.