Monday, March 23, 2009

Ooohh, Visitors!

There is an ISO quality audit going on in my office today (thankfully, not one that involves me.....those here who've been through such an audit know how lucky I am). Because there are out of town visitors, the operations manager decided that breakroom food was necessary.

Of course, it goes without saying the food was for those involved in the audit that were here at 7AM.

Of course, it goes without saying that while the auditor and those he was auditing were in the conference room with the door closed, I stuffed an entire section of cheese coffeecake into my mouth while making coffee.

It also goes without saying that of the two dozen Dunkin Donuts munchkins (donut holes, for those not familiar with the term) purchased for the occasion, NOT A DAMN ONE was jelly-filled. They were just the dry, hard-to-swallow cinnamon and white powdered sugar varieties.

Amazingly, the auditor (who strikes a close resemblance to the guy in Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" to the guy whose downfall was the "wafer thin mint", or Fat Bastard with glasses) did not appear to be covered in powered sugar. I would've thought otherwise.


  1. Maybe he's a very neat eater. An auditor strikes me as someone who would be.

  2. That could be, but he also looks like someone who lives out of a suitcase and spends 90% of his meals at Wendy's, so I'm often surprised he's not covered in ketchup stains.

  3. I wish someone would bring breakfasty things to MY office.


  4. Our financial audits are usually done by young female graduates. Sounds like you got ripped off!

  5. Have you checked your face for damning evidence? hehe.

  6. No jelly! That is wrong in any language. Nice work on the coffee cake too. You were making coffee after all!

  7. Naut, financial auditors are often cute here too. Quality auditors, on the other hand....well, let's just say that most of them look like they should have Princess Leia chained to their side.

    Nat, when stealing food, I ALWAYS check for evidence.

    Lermontov....I love how you get me.