Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lost Cat

On my commute to and from work, road kill is a common site. Usually, it consists of possums and squirrels, but occasionally I'll see an obviously slow-moving rabbit, a raccoon, or a domesticated animal such as a cat or a dog.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw what appeared to be the body of either a very small black bear cub, or a large cat, on my commute home. Every day I would see it, and eventually determined that it was indeed a cat, body pushed to the side of the road against the curb where it wouldn't be in the road.

Yesterday, on the way home, it was in a different position...someone had moved it so that its body actually stretched into the road, so if someone was close to the curb there's a chance they would hit it. This same person apparently got creative, and wrote a sign on cardboard, stapled to a stick and stuck into the ground, that said, "LOST CAT" with an arrow pointing down to the animal (amusing at first, until I realized that people who play with animal corpses are often on the downward slope to becoming serial killers).

My guess is, there's a little girl in the neighboring apartment complex who lost Fluffy, and whose mother has been convincing her for 2 weeks that the animal was a baby black bear cub, who will suddenly lose all faith and trust she had for her mom.


  1. And you think I am sick and twisted!

  2. Someone actually made that sign?! That is fucking great! I've seen a joke photo like that before.. but someone actually did it?

    For the record, I'm sick and twisted, but not a serial killer. Although my 2 new collections involve stripper shoes and ammo..

  3. Why on earth would someone even bother to stop and find out what animal it is and then go away and make a sign...your right...twisted!

  4. I'd hate to think about what these people would get up to if they were really bored.

    After a couple of weeks even in winter you'd think the body would be getting pretty nasty to even be around let alone try and move it.

  5. A good illustration (as if we needed it) of what a fine line there is between humour and tastelessness.

    I’ve decided against doing that Photoshop job of Steve giving fellatio, for example: the term ‘bad taste’ would be doubly appropriate.

  6. I'm surprised the corpse lasted that long. Where I live there are plenty of buzzards and other roadkill-ivores, and they do a pretty good job of cleaning the roads up.

  7. Poor old Fluffy. But, you are right, that is pretty sick.

    And speaking of cats, did you end up getting the photo for your brother?

  8. damn simon.. that's fucking funny..

  9. There is humour in it being a "lost cat" and yet there is a sign pointing out exactly where the cat is but then the very same sign is the thing suggesting it is lost in the first place.

    Or is it just me?

  10. Mary, believe me I'd love to have buzzards here. Roadkill is far too common around here, and the cleanup is very poor. And DD, we've had a cold snap lately, so the "natural refrigeration" has been preserving the body.

    Thank God armadillos haven't made it as far as Atlanta yet, those things are suicidal and tend to cover the roads with their dead.

    Lerm, that reminds me, no, not yet, I must get on that. Need to find a baby bonnet for the cat.

    Nat (and the others), I agree, just not funny. Although, a dead moose might've been funny, in a Python-esque way.

  11. I have seen the photo of the dead cat on the side of the road with the "Free Cat" sign next to it several times. I laughed hard at that joke so I am assuming the person who made the sign you saw was copying the email that has gone around but made the mistake of saying "Lost Cat" instead of "Free Cat" which makes no sense. Now the "Lost cat" signs with the photo of the oppossum are very funny.

  12. That is pretty fucking sick. I have a 5 year old, and she would be devastated by that kind of crap.

    Moose on the other hand...