Monday, January 19, 2009

A Visit From the Corporate Masters

Today, the CEO, VP of Operations, VP of Sales, and 2 other people with "titles" after their names on their business cards are coming into our branch office, undoubtedly to make the operations manager of this branch stutter and shake even more than she normally does.

On Friday, we were sent an email telling us that lunch will be served in today, so no need to bring a lunch or go out for lunch (assuming we wanted a free lunch...we are welcome to go out and pay for it if we so choose).

I see that today, the break room fridge is full of a pan of lasagna, a large bowl of salad, and there is homemade bread on a sideboard table in the breakroom. I'm not sure if this is extreme "kissing up" to the bosses, by making lunch, or extreme "cost savings" by not having a large deli platter being brought in. Either way, I'm thinking back to November when she brought in a lasagna for a visitor from the Houston office, and she (the ops manager) described it as "sloshy" when inviting us to have some. Nothing says "bon apetite" like sloshy lasagna.

Of course, I had to call my boss in New Jersey (due to the division I'm in, I work for him, not the local ops manager) and told him what we're having for lunch. His wife is Italian, so he had a good laugh over this. He also told me he's taking these same corporate folks (who are visiting him tomorrow) to a very nice restaurant tomorrow night, and bringing in a large tray from a local deli tomorrow for lunch.

And we get free sloshy lasagna.



  1. Maybe you could "donate" some really cheap, bad beer to help the cause and show what you really think :)

  2. There is beauty in this! I um, hope it is great ha ha ha!!!!!

  3. You should be grateful for what you get. I bet you didn’t eat up your crusts as a child.

  4. Steve, stop whining. Back in the day, when I was a kid, we had to eat sloshy lasagna out of a dog bowl on the floor while listening to American Bandstand blaring from our living room. The "bread sticks" they gave us were actually just pieces of bark from the tree in our backyard that we children would have to go chisel off every morning in the freezing winters of Minnesota. I also worked for the state of Florida once.


    Only one sentence in that rant is true, but I had to mock both you for whining and Simon for patronizing in one comment. God, I hope I succeeded.

  5. Seeing as how you're Puerto Rican, I have no doubt you spent your entire childhood eating sloshy lasagna. Puerto Ricans can't make lasagna. There are also no Puerto Ricans in Minnesota, so I know that's a lie too.

  6. I think your right about the Puerto Ricans and Minnehaha. The would have to live in Trujillo Alto Tanka.

  7. I was honestly surprised that they moved anywhere other than Florida, New Jersey, and New York.