Friday, January 16, 2009

Commuter of the Day 1/16/2009

I have a fixation with vanity license plates. I try to evaluate the character of the driver based on the license plate. If it looks like a well thought out message or nickname, the driver is more or less decent. If the license plate is merely a way to tell us what model the car is (HUMMRRR, as I once saw), obviously the driver is a douchebag.

Today, I saw the queen mother of all douchebag vanity plates. It was on a newish Mustang, and the plate said:


Now, I'm guessing the owner meant to tell the world that this was "Mom's Mustang (Mom's 'Stang)". But, as noted, the appropriate way to say that would be MOMSTANG. MOMSTANG is Mom's Mustang. MOMTANG, on the other hand, is something very different. It may as well have said Mom's Box.

Think about what you want to put on a vanity plate, or some smartass such as myself will be right there behind you, taking notes.


  1. I wonder if you find MOMTANG in MOMJEANS?

    welcome back brother (in Hulkster voice, of course)

  2. Too oedipal for me dude!
    Since first reading your JS blog - I have taken to getting the odd photo of vanity plates (this normally involves tailgating at nosebleed inducing speeds). I'll try and post a photo in comments to see if you get them.

  3. Thank God not many people read this when I posted this in Dorrie’s Forum. I hate it when people do things like that, don’t you?

    Things like this are rather more restricted in the UK due to licence plates being more codified, but there are still people prepared to pay large amounts of money for one which says, in compact form, ‘I am an idiot with more money than taste or indeed common sense’.

  4. Can you imagine explaining that license plate when you drop it off at the mechanic's?

    "What's your license plate number?"


    *awkward pause*

  5. Followed by Beavis-like snickering.

    *yeah, yeah, she said tang. TANG. Hey, Butthead, bwowm chicka bwowm BWOWM bwowm, TANG, MOM TANG!*

  6. omg...that is just so wrong...

  7. I know those people. The dad also has a Mustang with the plate, DADPONY.

  8. You might like my blog

    take some pics and send them in!