Thursday, January 22, 2009

Commuter of the Day 1/22/2009: Hard Style

Today' commuter of the day was the guy in a black Dodge Charger who had one of those chain license plate frames (Very 1995 sir! I applaud your sense of style!), with the vanity license plate that said HRDSTYL. Of course, this could only be Hard Style. There are two ways to interpret this:

One, he enjoys documentaries about weightlifters, right down to wearing the MC Hammer pants, and his favorite line of his favorite movie was in "Remember the Titans" whan Bertier and Julius were pounding on each other's shoulders yelling "Strong Side, Left Side, Strong Side, Left Side!"

Two, he is a big fan of British techno music called "Hardstyle," with lots of "untss untss untss untss" going on in the beat.

I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest he's in the first category.


  1. I'd agree with your suggestion to a point - I'd add that he was originally from your home state; has orange skin from roids and OD'ing on fake tan; a really HRDSTYL hair do; an addiction to cheeseballs; and his favourite movie was Pumping Iron. Quote - two more, two more reps no matter vhat - in your best Arnie voice of course

  2. Can we really trust anything Lerm says? After all, he does fours. I mean, really.

    (I will be laughing at that all day)

  3. As I noted in his latest entry, his 4 could be different than ours, what with the whole Metric/English conversion. Kind of like his 0C is our 32F.

  4. Going a little off-subject here, but I’m reminded of the line from the film Airplane, where the young boy is invited to visit the flight deck, and Captain Over asks him “Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with enjoying films about muscular, half-naked young men of course.

  5. Joey, ever seen a grown man naked?

    Joey, ever been inside a Turkish prison?

    I think they should've had a LOT more jokes along those lines.

  6. Ouch!That would make my 4 your minus 28!

    As a side note - could you pls disable your comment letter thing - pls - I'll post hot photos of the weekend's moll if you do!

  7. No, Lerm – you’re sophisticated enough to use °C: an Aussie’s 4 would be 39 in the United States.

    Of course we don’t know what the full range is. The key question is “Four out of what?” Out of five would be good; out of ten is low, but out of a hundred implies that you set the bar even lower than previously thought. You should make these things clear to your readers.

  8. "Untss"

    That type of music makes me want to go postal.

    You should have pulled up beside him, with the skeeviest look you can conjure, and say "I'll show you hardstyle"

    I'm sure he would have been scared!

  9. Sorry to double post, but the mystical word to confirm my non-robotness was "unculak".

    This also sounds like a techno beat sounnd. It knows...

  10. "Unculak" - When pronounced with a southern accent by a good-ol-boy is what is said about those crazy Yankees who are too good for Bud Light and marrying first cousins.

    Un Cool Lahk.

  11. That goes to show the hotness of Aussie women...a 4 there is a 39 here in the US. Wait'll you check out their 10's. Mortal men can't stare at them.

    And I have no idea how to disable that thing. Will have to investigate.

  12. My take: Hard Still. The man could still crack fleas on it.

  13. Herd style?

    I'm voting #2..british music scene.

    LMAO..the word verification is ficep..

  14. Nat, I hadn't thought of it. Such a bad case of priapism that he's celebrating it on his vanity plate?

    AK, herd style...the behavior of a political herd (of either orientation)?

    Ficep...there's a joke there, let me mull that one over.

  15. Steve, from your blog’s Dashboard, click on Settings, then the Comments tab, then the ‘No’ button next to ‘Show word verification for comments?’

    (Hmm... I got ‘rettro’.)

  16. rettro....that's an Italian word I think.

  17. #2, I have been in and about the Hardstyle techno scene in recent years. Its adherents are shameless attention whores who would absolutely use such a licence plate