Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mystery Food in the Office Fridge

I might make an entire series out of this. I noticed this next to the pizza, that I described below. I had no idea what it is,other than it's been there since I got back from vacation (last Monday). There are really no words to describe this, other then “oniony” and “pepperish."


  1. looks like someone had a BBQ and had left over onions... I don't know if they do it there but in Oz we cook onions to put on our burgers at BBQ's.

  2. Maybe that's someone ELSE's breakroom fridge experiment. Science isn't dead after all!... it's just been left to get mouldy on a breakroom fridge shelf.

  3. U, I think that's what it was....we have a grill in our warehouse that we can haul outside and cook, and one of the guys likes onions and peppers on his meat. And then, apparently, store them indefinitely.

    Yobbo, the cure for Herpes is in there somewhere. Waiting. Fermenting.