Sunday, July 12, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure

I am back from a week of vacation in Wisconsin. Like most vacations, I have much to talk about. I'm not really sure where to start, so I'll let you, the reader decide from the following stories:

* Recreating the Assault on Foy from "Band of Brothers"....using Roman candles.
* The pitfalls of relying on Google Maps.
* Culvers...the fast food restaurant you wish your city had (and the girls who serve you the food).
* Talking soccer with Herman's Hermits (the band).
* Visiting Asheville NC for exactly 2 hours.
* Quoting the movie "Airplane!" via text-messaging...from an airplane.
* The Food Chain, Part 1: Coyotes and Cows
* The Food Chain, Part 2: OMFG this place has wolverines, badgers and cougars?

So, if you care to, let me know where you'd like me to start. I have the attention span of a kitten, so I have no problem starting in the middle.


  1. "Recreating the Assault on Foy from "Band of Brothers"....using Roman candles" Gets my vote

  2. I want to hear about where you were up behind the Cheddar Curtain. Despite my ragging on the neighbors to the north (and in turn hearing about the faults of all of us 'flatlanders'), I do enjoy the Badger State as a day-trip or vacation destination.

    Was it the Dells? Hayward? Eagle River? Milwaukee? House on the Rock? C'mon-spill it!

  3. I second uamada, but being an Aussie where people are somewhere in the middle of the food chain, I am also interested in the US version.