Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pre-Teenage Wasteland

For Christmas, Santa Claus gave me one of the greatest CD's I've ever owned. It is The Who's "Then and Now 1964-2004" greatest hits compilation. Since Christmas, it has been in the CD player of my car, and whenever the radio was lacking anything interesting I would hit "play" and listen to the best that Townshend could write and Daltry could sing. Aside from not including "Bargain" and "Baba O'Riley," it is otherwise full of some of the most amazing songs in rock history. Often against their will, I have been exposing my kids to The Who whenever we'd run errands, going to soccer practice, taking them to school, etc.

This week, I was asked a question by Thing 1 that frankly about stunned me. Aside from "Boris The Spider," she never really shared my obsession with The Who, so imagine my shock when she asked me to download the CD onto her iPod Touch.

"Which songs?" I asked.
"The whole thing, I guess," she said.
"All 20 songs?"
"I guess."

So there I sat yesterday, loading the entire CD onto her iTunes account and then downloading it onto her iPod. As each song loaded, I got pleasure knowing there was finally some musical balance to her playlist, with The Who classing up the joint after it was spoiled by the likes of Justin Bieber and other future has-beens.

I don't think I've been this pleased with my ability to shape her mind since the first time I heard her state that the New York Rangers suck.


  1. Yeah, don't expect too much. It takes a long, long time to credit your old man with any taste in music. For me it was when I found a bootlegged tape of Disraeli Gears in his car, aged about 20.

  2. See what she makes of some early Pink Floyd (during their ‘stoned’ era, with Syd Barrett). Julia Dream, Bike, and See Emily Play may appeal to her sophisticated tastes. No one can fail to be affected by such lines as:

    I know a mouse
    And he hasn't got a house
    I don't know why
    I call him Gerald
    He's getting rather old
    But he's a good mouse.

  3. All right, Steve! Your child will get to hear how real music is made. Nice to know that among all the Jonas Brothers tunes (or whoever's the flavor of the day) lurks 'We Don't Get Fooled Again' and 'Eminence Front'.

    As for hockey, the only team anyone needs to be concerned with has the best logo in sports:

    The Blackhawks. One Goal.

  4. You must have been happy, Jack.

    Whenever I play The Who in the car, Brandon waits for CSI to start.

    I am sure you were proud of T1 saying the Rangers sucked. I can hear it now, "Now T1, normally we do not say that word, except when the Rangers are concerned."

  5. Ian-that is EXACTLY how that conversation went.

    YD, we're Devils fans, but as a descendant of Chicagoans, I have no issue with the Blackhawks jersey. Note, while awesome, this CD only contains songs written by Townshend and sung by Daltry. None of Entwistle's or Daltry's songs made the cut. Although Summertime Blues is on it, not sure why. I would've preferred "Bargain," "Baba O'Riley" or "The Real Me."

    Simon, never been a Floyd fan. They're good, but I'm just not into that style, I have to be really in the mood (much like I have to be in the mood for The Moody Blues or The Doors).

    Doc, my dad was a scientist, and into opera and classical, so I was never able to say that. And I didn't hold much hope for Thing 1 when she once announced matter-of-factly that Daltry's pitch was "too high." She's right, he always overextended his voice, but it was still an interesting critique.