Tuesday, March 2, 2010

An Actual Conversation (Subject: Olympics)

The following conversation took place during the Winter Olympic closing ceremonies between myself and my 5 year old daughter, Thing 2.

Thing 2: Dad, what was your favorite sport in the Olympics?
Me: Well, I really liked the Hockey, Skeleton, and Snowboardcross. What was your favorite sport?
Thing 2: Curling.
me: Curling?
Thing 2: Curling.
Me: Really?
Thing 2: Really.

(Note, this conversation took place after she saw the pants worn by the Norwegian men's team during the gold medal match between Canada and Norway. That might have tipped the scales).


  1. Clearly an influence on a developing young mind. Whether for good or bad remains to be seen.

  2. Man I remember watching curling on Canadian public television when I was like 6 or 7. I loved it too for some reason. Maybe it's the excitement of the sweeping?

  3. The attraction of curling is that it can be done by normal-looking people, and often with a beer in one hand. In fact, I can only imagine that a beer enhances the activity. Maybe not the performance, but the overall enjoyment, definitely.

    By the way, a caveat....it can be done by normal-looking people unless the Danes are involved, in which case curling is done by women of superhuman beauty.

  4. Yeah I saw that chick...she was smokin hot.

  5. Even the Danish skip that is, umm, slightly over optimal weight, was smoking hot.

    I guess beauty is how the Danes compensate for the fact that they haven't sacked England in about a thousand years.