Monday, February 15, 2010

Commuter of the Day 2/15/2010: Deez Nutz

Stereotypes are horrible. Stereotypes are what prevents us as a species from evolving past caring about things like skin color, religion, language, etc.

Unfortunately, there is often a hint of truth behind the evil that are stereotypes.

For example, today's Commuter of the Day:

On the same vehicle (a pickup truck hauling....take my word for it....bedroom furniture) is a Sons of Confederate Veterans commemorative license plate AND a pair of Truck Nutz. Well, I think they're Truck Nutz. They could also be Bulls Balls, Bumper Nuts, or any number of scrotum-related vehicle accessories available online (all of them with rush shipping options available, in the event you want to pay extra for shipping to get these balls on your vehicle quicker).

In summary, while stereotypes are by nature wrong, there tends to be some truth to them. Germans love sausage and accordion music. Canadians love hockey. Confederate History fans love them some balls hanging from their truck.

Anybody have a favorite or least favorite stereotype? Share with the group!


  1. The ‘people who wear glasses look clever’ one has long fascinated me, because while it has no logical basis whatsoever, it actually seems that way. Anyone putting on a pair of glasses will almost inevitably look more intelligent, or at least more educated, than they did a few seconds earlier.

    Its complement ‘blondes are stupid’ doesn’t seem to work though. I’m not sure how that one started.

  2. I like "Jewish people are cheap". Also, I wish they made purse nutz.

  3. Simon, I think that's along the same lines as "People with English accents are smarter." Even if some prat is rambling on about how great Chelsea Football Club is, Americans will assume he's a scholar, whereas in reality he's a larger-swilling jackass.

    Heidi, you know, nothing is saying you can't take Truck Nutz and hang them from your purse. Or your Dodge Magnum.

  4. Stereotypes are a great timesaver. Though why the hell anyone needs to swing a set of artificial testes from their rear bumper is beyond me. Unless it's like one of those static electricity rubber strips they used to have on old Volvo wagons that were supposed to stop kids getting carsick.

  5. Yobbo, from what I know of the Bogan culture (kind of an oxymoron, no?), they would be all over Truck Nutz (Ute Nutz?) like a wet t-shirt.

  6. Irish people are drunks.

    Well, they are.