Thursday, August 6, 2009

Commuter of the Day 8/6/2009: Confused Atheist

Today's commuter of the day was the car that had 2 bumper stickers on the back. One was a pro-atheism bumper sticker. It had some witty slogan on it that made me chuckle, but I failed to write it down.

The other bumper sticker said, "May The Force be with you - Always."

Now, can one really be an atheist if one is also a follower of the Jedi religion? Regardless of the fact that (and this may shock some) it's a made-up one?


  1. I'm not sure. Is the literal meaning of an atheist someone who doesn't believe in the most widely known God or just any God? I'd say you're correct on the confusion of said driver.

  2. I do believe it is a complete disbelief in any higher spiritual being, and in fact a denial that one exists.

    As opposed to an agnostic, who is willing to believe if offered some firm proof, but for the time being simply says "I ain't got no clue."