Monday, August 17, 2009

Commuter of the Day 8/17/2009: Muscle vs. Atrophy

While driving near my office today, I saw for the first time, up close, the new Camaro. A redesign of the classic American muscle car, more angular than the Camaro of the 80's and 90's, more of a re-imaging of the original 60's Camaro. While I thought the front end looked kind of dorky, I liked this view. To date, I had only seen it in commercials.

Since this was the first time I had seen this on the road, I figured this was an easy slam-dunk for commuter of the day. Until I was emailed the following photo. I don't want to say in which state this was seen, because I don't want to destroy the morale of millions of people.

Right...where to start? First of all, as I've said before, anyone who would pay all that money to have the brand of vehicle painted/decaled to that extent onto the side of the vehicle without actually having a check in-hand from the manufacturer to cover advertising costs is a complete douchebag. The human body is 98% water, those people are 98% vinegar and water.

Secondly....a spoiler? Seriously? On a Ford Focus? Are they expecting it to go fast enough where becoming airborne is a problem? Jesus, you watch "Fast and the Furious" and you suddenly think you can put a spoiler on anything. Jackass. My dad had a college buddy who owned a Corvette back in the 60's, and once drove it hard enough that he could've used a spoiler and unfortunately didn't have one (he was a good enough driver that he was able to maintain control). But this isn't a Vette. It's a farking FOCUS. know, most people wouldn't think that blue painter's masking tape would go well on the rims like that, so I kind of have to admire their bold choice.

I'm kidding of course. The driver is clearly an asshole. To prove he's an asshole, he's parked his car near the street, so people can see how much money he spent on a commuter car. And it's clear that he got the upgraded pipes, so while he's driving through this nice quiet community, everyone can say, "Ahh, Asshole's coming home!"

So, between the two vehicles, we have one that is proof that some people want to relive their youth, while others are too stupid too appreciate theirs.


  1. I thought the Focus might be dealership demo as sometime dealers here will signwrite a car as mobile advertising.

    But looking closer, it's an arsehole owner.

    In other news, I saw a big arse Chevy SUV this morning (private import, they were never sold here) with the number plate WORK5UX.

  2. At least if it was a Focus RS or something it'd be worth bothering with. (There are Focuses...Foci?... with legitimate spoilers and body kits, but they tend to have sponsors stickers and rally numbers plastered all over them.)

    Maybe he won it in a competition. Or yeah, maybe he's douchenozzle of the century.

  3. First of all the new Camaro.....HOT. Serious loin burnage just from looking at it for me. Me likey and me want very badly.

    Secondly....yes...The Focus owner gets the golden Massengill bag. Douchetastic!

  4. I've seen the new Camaro. Sweet! It's an Australian Holden dressed up in American metal, but it looks cool anyway.

    Now I also like the new Dodge Challenger. Not quite the power of the 70s Challengers, but not shabby either.

    Do your comments regarding the Focus and his owner mean that I should take the spoiler and decals off my Chevy Aveo?

    (Note: No, I don't really own an Aveo. I've driven one though. OK basic car and it beats walking.)

  5. Naut, I think the spoiler, tailpipe and wheels answer that question. The ad makes sense. The rest, might as well say Summer's Eve.

    And I love that license plate.

    Yob, does this look like a rally car? No way. Besides, not enough stickers. Those guys will sell every piece of real estate possible to sponsors. This guy is just a magnificent tool.

    Heidi, you might be able to get it in the Cash for Clunkers program, if your existing ride has a LOT less mileage.

    YD, I saw Top Gear drive the Challenger, and they didn't seem impressed. But, they were on windy mountain roads, not a straightaway. And if your Aveo is tricked out in decals, you should burn it.

    And as far as commuter cars, I have absolutely nothing against them. They are a sensible response to rising fuel costs. Just don't try to make them something they're not!

  6. Steve - well yeah, actually. A shit one, but that appears to be the look he's going for.

    Hammond on Top Gear had a frightening case of man-love for the Challenger. Loved the thing, particularly on the three way road trip with the Corvette and Caddy. Tbf I'm currently staring at August on my Top Gear NZ calendar (freebie) with a shot of a new Challenger doing a burnout on Long Island and yeah, I can see the point.

  7. OK, good point. And Hammond did like the Challenger, but I recall on the mountain legs, he wasn't as thrilled with how it handled. But, that's not really the feel that Dodge was going for. They wanted Joey from Queens wearing his weightlifter's pants, white tank top, gold chain, and combover trying to make record time to the A&P.

  8. The focus owner would make a good substitute for a figure 11 target in the house of horrors!

  9. Every day I would smile as I drove by that Ford. Maybe that is what he is going for.

  10. Maybe he got a big, fat, taxpayer-funded rebate to drive the Ford Focus around his neighborhood.