Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here's Your Sign.

Seen on Hilton Head (at a chotchkie shop selling novelty shot glasses, fridge magnets, mugs, and t-shirts), photographed with my crappy Blackberry phone.

On one shelf, commemorative Hilton Head baby onesies.

On the shelf just above, Zodiac-themed coffee mugs, but instead of pictures of the Zodiac signs, they have images of 12 couples doing 12 of what are probably my favorite sex positions.

So basically, the sex-themed mugs, and clothing for the byproduct of the sex.

I see no issue with the products, but putting them in the same aisle seems odd.


  1. You in Hilton Head, then? Never been there, but I've been to Charleston. Nice place to visit-a lot of history there. And fair seafood. And Palmetto beer is OK, too.

    Seems apt to me: when you do the sex, you get the baby. One-stop shopping.