Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Talking Hypotheticals

OK, men: Let's say it's about 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside. *checks thermometer* Yup, 95 degrees. Not quite "Hotter than the hinges of Hell," but certainly in the "hot as balls" category.

And let's say you're with your wife/girlfriend/baby mama in a car, with two kids in the car seats in the back, and the lady is driving.

Let's say you need gas, and pull into a gas station.

Do you:

A: Get out and pump the gas?


B: Let the woman get out and pump the gas?

While I recognize that in this modern society, women are just as capable of pumping gas as men, isn't it a little bit of a dick move to sit in an air-conditioned car with the kids while the fairer sex gets out and gets her hands dirty from gasoline and germs pumping gas?

Or should I just simply count my blessings that she was kind of hot and exotic-looking in a Mediterranean sort of way, and gave me something to look at while I pumped gas into my own car?



  1. Unless she's a control freak who won't let anyone else put fuel in *her* car - or unless she's the one with the company fuel card - that man is a bag of douche.

  2. Conversely, Doc - bitches gotta earn their keep, too.

  3. Eh. Wimmins can pump gas now too, dontcha know :P

  4. Maybe the kids AND the dude were driving her crazy and she'd rather have 2 minutes of solitude, pumping gas in sweltering heat than to listening to their crap. OR maybe he IS just a lazy dick slap.

  5. I'm really curious how the Chinese feel on this subject. Too bad I can't read that stuff (nor do I know how to delete such comments).