Friday, April 23, 2010

I Saw The Sign

A sign of a bad economy....every intersection around town has a sign advertising some opportunity to make money (which rarely work), usually as a telemarketer. "Earn $3K a month FROM YOUR OWN HOME! Call 401-555-1212!"

To differentiate between them, sometimes the guys with these offers / pyramid schemes have to be creative in order to get the jobless calling them instead of the other guys offering ways to help you earn money from your own home.

Thus we have signs like this:

I am assuming the hidden message is, "You will make so much folding money working from me that you'll be able to go into your regular job and slap your boss (and then spend the weekend in the county lockup). I have not called the number. Mostly because I'd be worried that my number would thus be on his caller ID, and I would get endless phonecalls wanting to know if I needed a job.

Further up the road, I saw one with similar handwriting that said, "Too much month at the end of the money, call 678-278-8274."

In college, I would have absolutely called this number.

At 3AM.

Hammered. Off. My. Ass.



  1. Not gonna lie, I think the "too much month" one is pretty clever.

  2. 'Slap ya boss' sounds more like a Lermontov promotion scheme, presuming she's keen for it.

  3. Well it is true you can make well in excess of $5K a month growing hydroponic your basement, even after paying your excessive lighting bill. Just saying.

  4. I was just going to say that ‘Slap ya boss’ accompanied by a phone number sounds like some sort of dodgy telephone sex line.

  5. You can tell how much money the guy is making himself, just by looking at the sign.