Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Actual Wrong Number

Tonight, the family and I took in a high school soccer game (they were having a special night for our youth club where all players in their jerseys got in free, and the kids from our club got to be ball runners on the touchlines.

During the game, my cell phone rang. It is a work-issued phone, and it was a local area code, so thinking it was a customer of mine I answered it.

Me: "Hello, this is Steve."
Woman: Whose phone is this?
Me: This is Steve.
Woman: Is this a business?
Me: Uhhh....yes (I the said my business name).
Woman: What business are you in?
Me: Widgets.
Woman: Is this a strip club?
Me:! (at that point, I assumed this was an April Fool's joke and I hung up the phone).

A few people around me, including the guy I coach with (who is a church pastor) started laughing, and joking about how I was getting pranked. Figuring they were right, I had a good laugh. And then the phone rang again.

Me: Manuel's Taqueria (in a slightly Spanish accent).
Woman: Who did I reach?
Me: Manuel's Taquerie.
Woman: Is this a restaurant?
Me: Si.
Woman: Where are you located?
Me: Acworth Georgia.
Woman: What is your address?
Me: 5 Main Street.
Woman: OK, thank you.

She hung up, and everyone around me was snickering at the idea that I obviously gave this woman a fake business and address. And then the phone rang again. Same woman. At this point, everyone around me was convinced I was being pranked. I again announced myself.

Woman: Did you call me? I had this phone number in my phone. (she then confirmed my phone#, which was accurate)
Me: No, I haven't. This is a business phone, I've had it on me all day, and I can assure you I did not call you.
Woman: This was a couple of weeks ago that you called. I just found my phone today, and the call was a couple of weeks ago.
Me: No, wasn't me, unless it was a wrong number. What's your name?.
Woman: Christine.
Me: Is this a business phone number?
Woman: I'm a dancer.
Me: Oh. OHHHH., maybe I dialed a wrong number. I definitely wasn't trying to reach you.
Woman: Ok then, sorry.

So....apparently, a few weeks ago I accidentally called a stripper, who subsequently lost her phone, found it, and wanted to know why I called her, thinking (hoping?) that I would have a dancing job for her.


  1. Sure, I'd believe that. Right out of the Tiger Woods List Of Excuses why dodgy slappers' numbers were all over his cellphone...

  2. Yobbo, my saving grace was the fact that her number looked like it might've been a business number. Lots of zero's. Plus, with my Crackberry, the numbers are kind of small, I dial wrong numbers all the time.

    One other issue: Atlanta has 3 area codes. 404, 678 and 770. 404 is generally the city of Atlanta, while the other two are suburbs, but there is no border. My home# is a 770, while someone down the street could be a 678. My house has a land line, and we have 2 cell phones, and 3 area codes between us on our phones. So it's not uncommon for me to dial a number and mistakenly enter the wrong area code. I could've been calling for a movie schedule and got Christina's stripper hotline instead.

  3. She’s probably just dialling through a list of numbers of potential customers, trying to drum up business.

    Yours only got on the list because you – I mean one of your business colleagues – used your phone to call one of those sex chat lines. Nothing to be ashamed of.